It’s been a while


No excuses, but I am back at work now so my free time is not at 0 hours per week, it’s in the minuses.

Caleb hasn’t been well so he decided to sleep all day and now, way past bed time, he is singing and clapping and dancing and chatting and everything else that is not sleeping.

Go to sleep Caleb so I can cook dinner, pack away the clothes you have grown out of, wash up, write school reports…

I actually love putting Caleb to sleep no matter how long it takes. It’s just one long milky cuddle. Except for when he bites.

I found out I might be going to India in the autumn with work so we need a new bedtime routine by then.

Spending a day with an unwell baby after a night with an unwell baby leads to a stream of random thought.

He’s not really a baby anymore. He can walk, say some words, he is growing more teeth so when he smiles you np longer see just those bottom too and we were informed by the child minder that this week, while I did a full time week, Caleb had learnt to blow kisses.

Ok I’m now trying to type with my eyes closed. That to do list might have to wait. Not even bothered about dinner..,

Night night x


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