Surprisingly Disappointed in the NHS

I love the NHS. I think it is amazing that we can have health care no matter if we can pay for it or not. Everyone deserves the chance to be healthy.

So… I wasn’t on the mend from my Mastitis, I was just managing the symptoms with drugs.

Thursday 11.20am
I went into my GP to explain I hadn’t got better on antibiotics since Monday night. He sent me to A&E at the local hospital that deals with births and mums and babies. He gave me a letter explaining I needed a breast scan.

Thursday 1pm
I had to go through A&E triage who did not send me in to a department who could give me a breast scan but sent me to be seen by the urgent care department. After waiting in the waiting room with 4 month old Caleb for about 2 hours they saw me and decided I needed a breast scan.

Until 8pm the surgical department at that hospital which has wards for mothers and babies and the surgical department of another local hospital which has a breast department argued over which should accept me.

Thursday 8pm
Told to make our own way to the other hospital as patient transport won’t take a baby unless the baby is ill (we don’t drive). We get there with a letter from the hospital that transferred me saying exactly what department I was being transferred into and that they were expecting me with all my blood test results and examination notes and saying that I needed a breast scan. I still had to go through A&E triage again. I don’t know what time it was when I was seen by a doctor who prescribed me antibiotics through IV.

Friday 2am
Baby Caleb had now been in hospitals for over 12 hours and I had finally had my antibiotics through the IV. I was told that I should be admitted overnight and in the morning I would be given more antibiotics, seen by the surgeon and given my breast scan. One problem- this hospital has no ward suitable for me and my baby. I couldn’t send him home without me, I am solely breastfeeding. I had no stock of expressed milk at home and no shops would be open at that time to sell formula, plus there was no guarantee he would accept it.

Friday 3am
Officially I was in hospital but they wouldn’t let Caleb stay so we went home with a promise to be back at 6am in the ward for my next dose of antibiotics and my breast scan.

3 hours at home and then…

Friday 6am
Back at hospital with Baby Caleb because he has to be with me to feed and husband Arun who was forced to take a day off work. I had my next dose of antibiotics and saw the surgeon. Now I just had to wait for my breast scan.

Friday 4.30
Guess what?…
Still waiting for my breast scan!

Been waiting with my baby, with no cot, all day long for a scan I’ve needed since 1pm yesterday. Caleb has been in hospital with me for 27 hours minus the three hours we popped home in the early hours. Now there is only an hour and a half of scan time left and it’s not looking hopeful! Meaning I will have to stay in over night. Either I will have to send him home with bottles which he may not accept or we will have to fake stay in again and be back by 6am if they will let me get away with that again.

Not only am I annoyed at my baby having to wait in hospitals for so long, but the only ward that had a side room available to keep Caleb out of the way is on a ward of infectious people so he has to stay in the room and not touch anything.

And then… Right now we were supposed to be off on a holiday. A church weekend away that Arun did all the planning and hard work to arrange and now can’t go on.

Friday 4.45pm
1 hour and 15 minutes of scanning time left NHS. I’m normally so proud of you but today I’m not thinking you’re going to come through for me.

Just found out when I’m going to get my scan – Tuesday. Enough said NHS!


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