Night and poo

I have had it so good with Caleb’s sleeping. I know I can’t really complain when some babies don’t ever sleep for more than a few hours at a time. From about week 2 Caleb has usually been sleeping for 5-6 hours a night – uninterrupted!

Those days are gone! Now that Caleb has reached 2 months he seems to have decided that he has eased me into this parenting thing. The sleepless nights have arrived! The worst feeling in the world is when you feel the relief of putting down a sleeping baby and climb into bed, only for him to open his eyes and scream! He is not even hungry, he just wants to play! I turn the lamp on and Caleb’s face lights up with smiles.

I am on the lookout for sleep solutions and will let you know my progress. Unless I die of sleep deprivation!

Oh… Poo…
I was going to write about that too. I’m sure you are all very excited to read about poo!
Another mummy said to me “isn’t it weird how you never talk about poo in everyday life and now as a mum almost every conversation somehow turns to poo”.

We were having lots of trouble with nappies leaking but we have moved up to newborn size 2 and it seems to be much better. However, last night he did a nasty poo that went on his vest, sleep suit and all the way through to his gro bag! I was not impressed as his sleep suit was a gro suit which my husband Arun and me love and I love the gro bag too. I was so worried it was going to stain. It usually does! This time I put in a scoop of vanish and everything is good as new – phew!

Apart from the leaking, which seems to have been a size issue, I love the pampers nappies. I tried all the different samples we got in the different new mum packs but I haven’t seen another with a wetness indicator. Such a gimmick but it is actually useful. When he’s had a wee the yellow line turns blue and I know it’s time to give him a change. Brilliant!

Arun has left for a work trip. He’s in Madrid until tomorrow evening. It’s our first night without him apart from our night in hospital after Caleb’s birth. I’ll let you know how we go! We might drown in a heap of housework!

Bye for now x


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